My story


My name is Roberto Buti, born in Florence on the 30th July 1957.

I Began singing and playing the drums at the age of eight and after having finished school I enrolled myself at the L. Cherubini Conservatorium in Florence taking classes in percussion instruments, piano, solfeggio and theory of music.

During my time at school I was also playing in various musical bands and so able to economically maintain myself; but this also led me to develop a passion for Pop/Rock music and therefore steering me away from my initial goal whitch was that of graduating from the Conservatorium – and so this in turn forced me to abbandon my studies and endulge totally in this new career as a drummer and singer.

Year after year I travelled all over Italy trying to make it meeting heaps of real famous people, whom also helped me to grow professionally and musically.

In 1983, frequenting various Florentine musical circles I met Marco Masini and Mario Manzani with whom my first discographic project in the dance genre begin to take place.

In 1984 together with Marco Masini, we put together XENON-SYMPHONY, official label of the omonimous “IN” discotheque of Florence in that period.
Always in 1984 the band NEXT is formed and the song You’re an illusion sing by me is produced by the XENON Label.

During those years it was custom, in the dance genre to propose artists (because goodlooking or appealing) to the public but the songs sing by other performers.
This is what occurreed in 1985 with the song In your eyes. Pictured was REEDS, good looking guy from Treviso but with my voice, me Roberto Buti. (and back then I wasn’t bad-looking myself if I may say so!).
The song In your eyes was written in collaboration with Marco Masini and became a hit so much so that REEDS partecipated in various show of FESTIVALBAR.
In 1985 the song Storm in a tea cup is released by RARE Label and Wich finally presents me as interpreter-singer and artist with the name of Bob Robert.
The dance period here ends and a new period of reflection and chenge in style of song-writing begins.

In 1990 my good friend Marco Masini release his first LP-CD where I contribute in the chorus, and wich includes Vai con lui by Masini-Bigazzi-Buti.
During this period Cristiano Malgioglio interprets one of my songs titled Anima Gitana.

In 1994 Laura Pausini wins Third place at the Sanremo song Festival with one of my songs titled Strani amori and in this CD other three songs are featured: Lui non sta con te; Ragazze che; and Un amico è così.

In 1996 Due innamorati come noi and Un giorno senza te are released on the CD titled Le cose che vivi by Laura Pausini.

In 1997 the band ORO sings Rose rosse e caffè on the CD ORO 3.

In 2003 Mietta comes out with her CD called Per esempio... Per amore and among wich containing my song titled Vivo senza te.

At this present moment I am working on new songs and on a project to release my own CD containing songs made successful by the artists above mentioned.

Listen to clips of my works


You're the only one - Bob Robert

You’re the only one

Title: You’re the only one
Artist: Bob Robert
Album: You’re the only one
Year: 2023
Video: Watch the video on YouTube
Laura - Laura Pausini

Strani Amori

Title: Strani Amori
Artist: Laura Pausini
Album: Laura
Year: 1994
Laura - Laura Pausini

Un amico è così

Title: Un amico è così
Artist: Laura Pausini
Album: Laura
Year: 1994
Laura - Laura Pausini

Lui non sta con te

Title: Lui non sta con te
Artist: Laura Pausini
Album: Laura
Year: 1994
Laura - Laura Pausini

Ragazze che

Title: Ragazze che
Artist: Laura Pausini
Album: Laura
Year: 1994
Le cose che vivi - Laura Pausini

Un giorno senza te

Title: Un giorno senza te
Artist: Laura Pausini
Album: Le cose che vivi
Year: 1996
Le cose che vivi - Laura Pausini

Due innamorati come noi

Title: Due innamorati come noi
Artist: Laura Pausini
Album: Le cose che vivi
Year: 1996
Vai con lui - Marco Masini

Vai con lui

Title: Vai con lui
Artist: Marco Masini
Album: Marco Masini
Year: 1990
Per esempio... Per amore - Mietta

Vivo senza te

Title: Vivo senza te
Artist: Mietta
Album: Per esempio… Per amore
Year: 2003
Delitto e Castigo - Cristiano Malgioglio

Anima Gitana

Title: Anima Gitana
Artist: Cristiano Malgioglio
Album: Delitto e Castigo
Year: 1989
Oro 3 - Oro

Rose rosse e caffè

Title: Rose rosse e caffè
Artist: Oro
Album: Oro 3
Year: 1997
Storm in a Teacup - Bob Robert

Storm in a Teacup

Title: Storm in a Teacup
Artist: Bob Robert
Album: Storm in a Teacup
Year: 1985
Marines - Reeds


Title: Marines
Artist: Reeds
Album: Marines
Year: 1985
In your eyes - Roberto Buti

In your eyes

Title: In your eyes
Artist: Roberto Buti
Album: In your eyes
Year: 1985
You're an Illusion - Roberto Buti

You’re an Illusion

Title: You’re an Illusion
Artist: Roberto Buti
Album: You’re an Illusion
Year: 1984
Symphony - Discoteca Xenon


Title: Symphony
Artist: Discoteca Xenon
Album: Symphony
Year: 1984